Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the policy of D’Yoga Hub (together "we", "us", "D’Yoga Hub") with respect to the way we obtain, use and disclose information about you including through our website.

We understand and appreciate that you are concerned about privacy, particularly in relation to the use and disclosure of Personal Information.  We are committed to providing a high level of privacy in relation to all Personal Information that is collected by us. 

This Privacy Policy applies to D’Yoga Hub but not to other companies or organisations D’Yoga Hub or websites to which D’Yoga Hub is linked.

For the sake of clarity, this Privacy Policy covers Personal Information collected and used by D’Yoga Hub in relation to any of the following in Malaysia:

Your Consent

You consent to your Personal Information being used in accordance with this Privacy Policy by any one or more of the following:

Disclosure of your Personal Information via Social Media Sites

By engaging in any Social Media Activity on our Social Media Sites, you agree to and are subject to the terms and conditions of such Social Media Sites. Any Personal Information shared, pinned or posted or uploaded by you on or onto Social Media Sites can be disclosed in accordance with the terms and conditions and privacy policies of such Social Media Sites.

Generally, photos and other material pinned or posted to Social Media Sites will be able to be viewed by the general public. Such photos and other material may be further shared or re-pinned and re-posted by others indefinitely and will be visible by anyone visiting the locations to which the photos or other material have been shared re-pinned or re-posted. You may be able to remove the photos or other material that you have shared, pinned, posted or uploaded from the location at which you shared, pinned, posted or uploaded it. However, any material that has been further shared or re-pinned or re-posted will be out of our control and neither you nor we will be able to remove it from any such location. We are not responsible for any material that has been further shared or re-pinned or re-posted.

We reserve the right to remove any photos, comments or other material that is in any way inappropriate or offensive (in our opinion) from our Social Media Sites.  

How do we use your Personal Information?

We will use your Personal Information for purposes that relate to the operation of our business and the provision of our services to you.

These purposes generally include:

In relation to the Personal Information of clients, the purposes include the general purposes mentioned above and also include verifying, notifying and/or responding to you in relation to any enquiries, complaints, or if you win a competition.

Your Personal Information will be disclosed to us and to third parties as necessary to facilitate any of the above mentioned purposes.

We do not and will not rent, sell or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to any other company or organisation, without your prior consent, where that consent is required by law.